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    rjdohnert wrote:
    They have alot of producst but they all mostly suck.  Desktop Search is ugly, Their Google Earth takes up too many resources, the only thing decent is their IM.

    Actually, I think that their IM is somewhat lacking in any new or innovative features and is substandard. It really doesn't give me a huge incentive to switch to it when MSN has been satisfying me(AND is capable of things like video, though I've never tried it). The GUI is somewhat cool but once you're in a conversation it is pretty dull......just text.
     Also, as Karim pointed out, there's not much synergy between the google products. For instance, the sidebar and IM client  BOTH inform you when you get e-mail. There is no significant interaction between the two.  Instead of ensuring that the products work well together, it seems that they have thrown the same feature into different products. This is irritating.
    And now for a brief Google Desktop rant:
    It's significantly slower than MSN desktop. I guess it's supposed to stop when your computer is idle, but mine didn't. And when you try to pause it, the software only allows you to do so for a few minutes.
    They have done some things right, though.
    Gmail, IMO, is excellent, with very little clutter and a generous amount of space. In addition, I find their search engine to be of high quality with, again, a clean UI.