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MFC and Avalon 3-D Graphics

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    Hi there Smiley

    I've got a question concerning MFC interop with Avalon 3-D. I tried to create an MFC-Dialog with an Avalon-Control or Page. This is simple and also no problem if you take simple controls like Button, DockPanel or Label. Interesting is the phenomen taking a Viewport3D - :O you see nothing! Is there a known restriction concerning MFC or is there a known bug (perhaps the Beta 1 doesn't support this feature)? Do I have to pay attention to some special facts when using 3-D Avalon togehter with MFC?

    thanx for an answer

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    Ernie Booth

    Interop with legacy code requires WPF(Avalon) to use software rendering and Beta 1 does not support 3D in software.

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    thanks for your answer Smiley

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