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    Did anyone here sign up for the ISV Buddy program?

    We thought it sounded fantastic so put our name down - a few weeks ago. The silence so far has been deafening.

    How long did it take you to get a Buddy?

    I mean, maybe no-one wants to be our Buddy. Maybe we have the ISV equivalent of BO.

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    I signed up long ago and my buddy is on the BizTalk Team.

    I visited him after WinHEC, he is a real nice guy and he credits me with convincing him to start a blog.

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    We would dearly like a buddy. I allready have a list of questions for them.

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    I signed up sometime ago but haven't heard from my buddy for a while as he is off with personal problems.

    I gave him a list of questions a couple of months back but haven't had any answers yet.

    Good luck with you buddy when you get one.

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