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    Just wanted to say that I really LOVE what you (the staff) and all the members have done to turn this place into a really nice fun location, for anyone into Microsoft Technologies to navigate to!

    Now I want to invite you to discuss your opinions about passwords. How many do you have? How do you remember them all? See
    this blog entry for other opinions. Post either on that blog or here, I don't mind, I read them all. Hehehe...


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    My Passwords is kept in a very secret unencrypted file on my system. But are looking for a more secure and practical solution
    I once got this tip:
    Is there anyone out there who have tried it?

    By the way, it is fun to be here as a Linux/Windows camelon too

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    Check out 'SafeSex' by nullsoft (of WinAmp fame)

    It is highly secure and open-source.

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