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MSN Search - testing New Homepage Theme

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    a !

    Very Clean - gone is the dark Blue Theme[H]

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    Michael Griffiths

    Very early beta Smiley

    And it seems they're taking more inspiration from Yahoo!. That's good.

    They have the skeleton of the former page; I'd like to see MSN adopt a sort of "middle ground" between Google and Yahoo! Less confusing links, please.

    A shame the sidebar navigation is gone, though. Not sure the box is better.

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    Hehe, at the top of the page, it says:


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    Michael Griffiths

    That's hardcoded Smiley

    It's a very early beta. I don't see the point in complaining about that.

    I'd rather comment on their potential for design: e.g. I dislike the fact that the MSN portal seems to be looking more and more like the Yahoo! portal everyday.

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