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    Hey, there seems to be an important thing broken now (which first worked):
    the goto last post icon!

    -> it just loads the page, but doesn't jump to the post!

    Also, the tooltip when hovering over the icon "Go to the last post", ONLY appears when it is a popular topic! (try it on the coffehouse page for example! -> only the 2 first icons have a tooltip, not the ones from regular topics!)

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    Sorry, I did some more research concerning the tooltip bug, and it has to do with the "Today" or "Yesterday" vs. a regular date.

    When Today or Yesterday is showing, the icon has no tooltip!

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    Also, there is a space between the user name and the icon when the date is shown, and NO space with Today or Yesterday.

    WITH space looks best, so while you're at it, you can fix this too Wink

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