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For those of you who like the old Channel9 style

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    A hacked alternate User cascading stylesheet! Big Smile

    It changes the font-size units of Channel9 to keywords, allowing them to be resizable in IE, and also makes them larger without affecting the design of the site, increasing readability and decreasing eye-strain.

    It also brings back the original orange colors to the board. It works best with "Large Avatars" enabled. (Go to your profile page and select "Large Avatars")

    It also changes the width of the site to a 2em margin, rather than an "elastic" design and removes the sidebar.

    Comments greatly appreciated.

    Just a sidenote:

    I'm not naming names, but various "officials" have looked into making the changes I suggested, citing "difficulties" and the like. Somehow I have my doubts, as I managed to get this to work in under 10 minutes.

    How to use:

    In IE, go Tools > Options > General > Accessibility > User Stylesheet

    In Opera... it's pretty tricky, but there's somewhere that says it.

    For Firefox, check this page out.

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    If we could have a drop down box for stylesheets, that would be great.


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    I have used a few sites that allow the user to set the style sheet that they want to use in their profile (off-site ones); it works well in my opinion and doesn't present any security concerns that I'm aware of.

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    No need to not name names, W3bbo.  The "difficulties" are due to time constraints and priority.  And out of your stylesheet its most likely that all we would implement would be scalable fonts for IE.

    EDIT:  Just to give an example; last night the suggestion was giving to change the font from tahoma to verdana, similiar but much more readable.  I did it and I agree it does make the site more readable.  But now in IE the submenu options are breaking on spaces.  So in order to make a site wide change I need to spend the time testing across browsers to make sure its still viewing as desired.

    But we'll get there.  I'm compiling a list of bugs of this weekend and I'll work on getting the list public once I've got it.

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    This reminds me of a Simpsons episode where the American embassy in Australia created a machine for the toilet so that flushes would swirl the right way.Smiley

    "Sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing..."

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