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    Tyler Brown

    Just a suggestion when posting a reply to a thread. I liked the old way of being sent to your post after replying to a thread, as opposed to the beginning of the thread. You've already read that part, and perhaps someone has replied in the time it took for you to write your reply.

    I find it kind of anoying to have to navigate to the last page to see if someone else has contributed to the conversation.

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    I agree it is annoying.  Its on the bug list I'm compiling.  When I finish I'll publish somewhere for everyone to see.   Thanks Smiley

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    Tyler Brown

    Thanks Adam. Keep up the good work! You too Charles Wink

    Edit: I also just noticed something, which can be viewed in this thread. If you look at the time and date that the original post was made, and then look at the time and date of sub-sequent posts, you will noticed that the reply's were apparently made days before the original post. Is this also on your known bug list, or has no one else noticed this as of yet?

    I've noticed that on some threads, the time difference is a day, other threads however don't experience this problem at all...

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    I don't see it on this thread Tyler.

    You guys all appear to have replied at the same exact minute.

    Sat, Aug 27 2005 12:19 PM

    Though, as I reply, your post time has changed to:

    Sat, Aug 27 2005 12:28 PM

    EDIT: Now all the post times have changed to the time I just replied (1:37PM EST today). Odd.


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    Got it, thanks.  The thread is showing the last Post Date and not the Thread Created Date, interesting...should be an easy fix though.

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