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VS won't let me add Web Projects

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    This bug has been annoying me for a while now.

    VS2003, I create a new solution and go: Add > Project From Web, since it's a ASP.NET Web Project. So I type in: "http://proj/SiteName/W3b.Sites.SiteName.vbproj", but VS ignores this and opens up the "Browse for Project" dialog. I go along with this and choose the Project file from the mapped network drive (Z:\proj\SiteName), but then it tells me:

    Microsoft Development Environment
    The project you are trying to open is a Web project. You need to open it by specifying its URL path.
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    ...but it won't let me use the URL path to the project file!

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    Sven Groot

    You need to give not the full url to the project file, but only the path to the virtual folder, so http://proj/SiteName/. The browse for project dialog will then let you browse on the server for the project file.

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    You cheat.

    This behaviour is damned annoying because you have to specify the web server path. However you can edit the project file so it's not treated this way, instead it's treated as a class library, but you have the correct wizards.


    That's how the subtext solution is setup. You then just setup a vdir in IIS and away you go.

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