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RSS Aggregator for PDA

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    Andy H

    Hey can anyone recommend a relaible RSS reader for a PDA running windows mobile 2003 SE ? ive been looking everywhere but cant find one that really works. Ive just started getting into RSS and finding it really useful and i wondered if anyone knows of a useful app ?

    thnx Smiley

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    Karl Traunm├╝ller

    Andy (and all Pocket PC users),

    I don't have a product to suggest, but maybe I could write one Smiley

    After the release of IntumiCal, I'm currently looking for product ideas.
    I've already thought of an RSS aggregator, but wasn't quite sure how big the market would be. If more of you are looking for such a product, let me know.

    Feel free to post your suggestions to

    Karl Traunm├╝ller
    CEO, Intumi Software

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    I use "Pocket RSS" which I downloaded from a link on Handango who sell most of the available Pocket PC software.

    It does the job.

    Details here

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    I use Bloglines as my Start Page, it's web based and works well on my Pocket PC.

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    Andy H

    thanks for those suggestions ! im just suprised with microsoft being hot on RSS that they havnt released an official windows mobile rss application. Something for the future possibly ?

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    But then of course there is no official RSS application for Windows XP either, is there? Natch natch...

    Am sure there'll be something as soon as IE7 supports RSS.Wink

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    Mike Temporale

    Andy H. wrote:
    Hey can anyone recommend a relaible RSS reader for a PDA running windows mobile 2003 SE ?

    I would recommend NewsBreak from Ilium software.  They have a version for both Smartphone and PocketPC.  It's a great application, with all the features you would expect (or at least _I_ would expect) in a mobile RSS reader. Big Smile

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