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Eric King's own Channel 9

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    We're not the only ones who think video is a great way to communicate and share.  Microsoft MVP Eric King has started video blogging on his site too and is doing Channel 9 style interviews with Microsoft employees and community members on his own blog, "The Crazed Ramblings of Eric King".

    Eric chats with:

    .NET Guru Rocky Lhotka

    Avalon Architect Chris Anderson

    Microsoft VP Lori Moore

    MSDN Content Strategist Kent Sharkey

    So what if we open up Channel 9 to your video posts? Web cam responses in the forums? Your own interviews, documentaries, and demos? 

    We are thinking about it ... help us say yes. 

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    Hmm... downloadable videos!
    What a great idea!


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    Skriker V1.0

    I second that, Channel 9 Videos should be downloadable Wink Lets have a vote on it.

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    Sounds great. Smiley

    I agree on the issue about downloadable videoes. It would be really nice to be able to see them offline.

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    Downloadable video is coming actually.  Should be here soon.

    The question I was asking is would YOU post videos if given the chance? Your own video interviews, responding with video, etc?

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    Whassup B,

    (sorry the BeastieBoys are on the cans at the moment)

    Yes I would consider publishing video documentaries/interviews however would your infrastructure accept this increase in 'backchannel' updates.

    Would you allow media publishing directly to the media server or simply compressed video clips via email submission...

    I work within the criminal justice public sector here in the UK, and can think of a number of situations where us microsoft bods have come up against some interesting issues or conflicts with other allegiances, which could have made for interesting viewing at least.

    Also, you could get the UK aspect of Microsoft seminars (or others)...

    ...fair enuff ?

    But at least, I would really appreciate the video currently on Channel9 to be available for download. Would sidestep our paranoid infrastructure.


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    Does our uploading of videw to Channel 9 fit in with the purpose of Channel 9?

    I enjoy reading people's responses to things posted on Channel 9, but I would hate to have to watch a video response.  So no, I would not upload video and probably not watch too many.  If video responses ever became the 'norm', the I doubt I'd visit Channel 9 often. 

    Just my $0.02

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    I might find some video responses to be of merit but I highly doubt that a video response in the place of all the textual responses would be of enough merit to warrent the costs.

    Most of the time I have found the responses to be of little merit. ( I am sure some of the readers think the same about My responses ). A bloated video would only serve to deflat any merit that might be there.

    The videos work on the relatively narrow band of information presentation because the allow the cramming of much information into a neat and tidy package from a singular point. I do not believe this paragigm would translate as well in reverse.

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    Thanks for the recognitionl lenn! I would be happy to upload material to Channel 9 for others to view. In fact, when I was filming Chris A., The Scobleizer was standing there he had even made mention of my uploading material and being Channel 9's "Man on the street". I hadn't considered it seriously because the focus of my material presents aspect of the Microsoft community. Most of the material I'll be posting deals with MVP's, .NET User Groups, Presenters, Authors, Regional Directors, Funny stories, etc. etc....

    The videos that I post don't really contain technical material. I'm just trying to paint a picture of the Microsoft community from a different perspective for everyone to see. If the Channel 9 team is interested in this kind of material, then I'm all for sending it your way!

    I do think that video is the way to go with content delivery. You can really engage so many people with video content and make them feel as though they are actually there and a part of something. We are about to add video content to the International .NET Association web site. I was able to film quite a bit of footage at our all-day user group leader summit. We will be making this video footage available to everyone via the site. I've been encoding the footage for a streaming format as well as download.

    Again, when it comes to uploading footage to Channel 9, I'm all for it. Just say when... Smiley


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    dcshadow wrote:
    Whassup B,

    (sorry the BeastieBoys are on the cans at the moment)


    Sounds like nothing else they have ever done, sounds like nothing else anyone else has done.

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    I think it would be a nice addition to Channel9.  Sure they may not all be as well done as Eric's, but I think it would really allow for some creativity and a broader view into the Microsoft community outside of Redmond.

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    Does anyone know Brian Goldfarb's email address? His video clip is now up.

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