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I know...

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    Google Fu?

    I had a friend on an IRC chat that used that term in the skill of being able to use Google with as he says 99.5% accuracy of finding the answer to his first query on his first attempt at searching using Google (and he says with complex search terms).

    Does anyone else practice this? LOL...or better yet does anyone think this is possible with all search engines? Google, MSN, Yahoo, AOL...?

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    Cybermagellan wrote:
    Google Fu?

    You see the search engine.
    You are one with the search engine.
    You are the spider running through its web.
    You are the search-bar, gleaming white.
    You reach out through the keywords and boolean expressions.
    Without looking, you pluck out a site.

    You've found it.

    And now, on a less whimsical note - yes, there is such a thing as google-fu. There's nothing very dramatic about it. It's just a feel for choosing the right keywords. For when enclosing things in quotation-marks would be in order, or when you should just ask a direct question.

    I don't search much with MSN or Yahoo. I expect they have their own little quirks different than Google. It's still, as they say, all in the wrist.

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    Yeah I got a little bit more carried away with it...and made a blog post about it

    I'm thinking about writing a site like that...

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