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Using Messenger & Skype for Blackmail

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    The individual also sent photographs via MSN Messenger showing a needle injecting an apparently poisonous substance into a tube, the police said, but the suspect indicated he had yet to put the poisoned gel on a store shelf.

    The police formed a special task force to investigate the incident, but said yesterday they were running short of leads. According to police, the extortionist threatened the cosmetics company using the latest Skype technology Internet phone that has point-to-point transmission, making it impossible to trace the call and produce a lead on the caller's identity

    The case is the latest in a spate of attempts to extort money from large consumer-product companies that began in June when a man put energy drinks spiked with cyanide on Taichung convenience store shelves, resulting in one man's death and the hospitalization of three other consumers.

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