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Search Wars:Google vs. Yahoo vs. Microsoft

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    I have heard a rumour that Microsoft is going to get into the search battle. As a sysadmin that uses the MSKB extensively I have one little observation. When looking for a relevant article, I have found it FAR more likely that I will find the MSKB article thru google than using Microsoft's own search engine in the Knowledge Base. Any comments?

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    That is my experience as well.


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    I'm (mostly Wink) an Application Developer and I have the same experience when trying to find somethin within MSDN or anywhere on Microsoft's site.

    I don't like that. I don't want to use Google (don't ask me why: I would rather use MSN Search instead, because of my personal choice). So, it's good that Microsoft wants to do something about this.

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    Use page.
    Field names:
    Keresendő termék nevének részlete = part of the product name
    az elmúlt = past
    napban = days
    You will get the result a searchable RSS Feed.

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    Something is going on, watch in your web server logs,
    I think that you will or allready have seen a huge increase in hits from the MSNBot, and it also indexing almost everything.

    Up 35% in June of all search agents

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    It  has also been my experience that MS searching is abysmal. Google is far better. So, as a regular user of all things MS, I can only hope that their investment in this area will reap benefits for all of their products that utilize search.

    Does anyone from MS have a sense for how distributed the search technologies will be throughout the products?

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