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Do you use cleartype?

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    I love cleartype and all, it does make most fonts a lot more readable. There is that exception however, and I just wondered what else you could do to make it work better, besides running the tweakers out there, cause I already have. It is mostly in applications like media players and some IM clients that give me this weird text look, I attatched a picture.

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    I've got "normal" font-smoothing enabled for larger fonts (system default setting). I used to have cleartype enabled, but I turned it off because it makes some text look blurry.

    In fact, it makes ALL text look blurry, my monitor shows fonts as bring crystal sharp, with cleartype it makes them look worse.

    I also dislike WMP10's disregard for system cleartype settings.

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    I have cleartype enabled simply because it's the only way to get XP to anti-alias small font sizes.

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    Sven Groot

    Posting a screenshot of cleartype is a bad idea since it'll generally look different on other monitors.

    I have cleartype on, even on my CRT displays. Okay, the result isn't as good as on LCD displays, but it's better than with ClearType off. There do seem to be certain colour combinations that don't work as good though. One of the Flight Simulator games was really bad with ClearType on.

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    Did you watch Bill Hill's videos here about ClearType?

    He's the inventor of the technology (or one of them at least).

    He says that not everyone will be able to use it because of how we see color spaces.

    By the way, you should try the Cleartype tuner:

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    That video was actually pretty cool, I watched it awhile back. I do doubt though that SP2 included a updated version of cleartype, and it wasn't turned on by default. Dont you see Windows is beind updated.... It looks exactly like that without the screenshot, I checked with others to see if they could see it right, and they couldn't. I think it is with only like bold fonts or something. I installed the .net Framework 2.0 beta, and that install screen looks wonderful with cleartype. Perhaps there should be some updates on cleartype!

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