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View Thread: Trusted Computing - What is it?
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    Take a look at Microsofts Trustworthy Computing White Paper...

    While many technologies that make use of computing have proven themselves extremely reliable and trustworthy, they generally haven't reached the point where people are willing to entrust them with their lives, implicitly or explicitly. Trust is a broad concept, and making something trustworthy requires a social infrastructure as well as solid engineering.

    The Trustworthy Computing Initiative is a label for a whole range of advances that have to be made for people to be as comfortable using devices powered by computers and software as they are today using a device that is powered by electricity. This paper contains information about the problems that need to be solved and the actions that need to be taken by individuals, companies, consortia, research communities, nations, and the world as a whole.

    Included in this document:

    1. Why Trust?
    2. Setting the Stage
    3. A Framework for Trustworthy Computing
    4. Fundamental Problems
    5. Summary

    and also their Trustworty computing home page