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View Thread: Katrina aftermath is stunning
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    scobleizer wrote:

    Actually, Dan Gillmor or Larry Larsen at Poynter Institute should be talking about this stuff. How can we make it easier for people to get localized information during disasters? Did my house survive? Where is government assistance best sent? Anything I can do to volunteer?

    I am pity and scared... For them the victims of Katrina and por us here at the State of Colima in Mexico... My house is about 31 Km far from the crater of the Colima's volcano... We are from May in a volcano eruption alert (yelow)... Many people here do not like become aware we are inside the second degree risk zone: volcano's mackerel avalanche... our houses are settled over more than five meters of volcano mackerel from about seven very old eruptions... Media here says nothing about and people lives uninformed on the subject... We need urgently precisely that kind of help: the prophylactic aproach... We do not know when, but the "Observatorio Vulcanológico de la Universidad de Colima" says it would happen... Perhaps we still are in time...

    Sorry as for deviate your concern from New Orleans people...

    Me I help in any way?