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View Thread: Katrina aftermath is stunning
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    Larsenal wrote:
    LeighSword, I don't believe we will ever conquer nature.

    We will never be able to spend enough money to prevent everyone from the tragic effects of natural disasters.  IMHO, nature is too fierce a beast to be tamed by mere mortals.

    I don't think we gain much from pointing fingers at the government in these situations.  Just be thankful they have means to lend relief and are generally determined to prevent a similar disaster from causing similar damage.

    long long ago, the ancients created a tons of tools for fight against nature, today turn us,  the house(building) seems cann't protect us well in these situations,  why we don't invent a new material to build more safe 'house' or something can stop that? shame on it.

    a story about umbrella:
    These ancient umbrellas or parasols, were first designed to provide shade from the sun. The Chinese were the first to waterproof their umbrellas for use as rain protection. They waxed and lacquered their paper parasols in order to use them for rain.
    quote from

    >>Cuali itcha a cosamalot (Náhuatl) --> What wonderful the rainbow is! (English)... Do Chinese have an expression like that?
    yes, 多么美丽的彩虹啊!(Chinese).
     there is a famous story about rainbow in China.