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View Thread: Katrina aftermath is stunning
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    leighsword wrote:

    just  be curious about what the US government will do for help their people in this situation, and how much budget they spent for preventing future disaster?

    The reason for more frequent hurricanes and their increased severity is result of warming ocean waters.  The warmer then usual ocean gives more strength and fuels these monsters.  Prevention is cheep and simple: burn less fossil fuels and everything that goes with it.  Pressure your government to impose stronger environmental control laws, buy hybrid cars (the right type of hybrid car -- not the ones that just add more power to the engine), etc...  It is improbable to prevent nature from its course of action... but we could minimize negative effect that we have (reduce frequency, strength and severity).  If noting gets done about this, it will get even worse year after year.

    Best prevention is not to contribute in first place.