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Katrina aftermath is stunning

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    Tank you Sophocle... From Greece?... I love the Socrates way of teaching, but do not know fartest, than the name of Sophocle... Do you read Spanish? Have downloaded my first poetic antology? It is for shure a shyly one.


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    I have born in Torreón, Cohauila, México (not to far from US Border)... I live nowadays in Villa de Alvarez: a city, municipal head by its own, and jointly with Colima city, the State capital, and one other municipality (Coquimatlán) spreading through a wide zone around the Volcano of Colima, actually in a yellow volcano eruption state of alert... This State owns Manzanillo port, the principal Mexican trade port on the Pacific coast.

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    Holy Cow!!!

    Your a coder in Mexico?

    I bow down.

    I spend a couple weeks a year in Colombia, if I didn't have a job, I would be doing consulting in Baranquilla.   You are awesome!  Do you code for a living now?  I want to know all about you Smiley

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    Just go to "Search", type "Tonatiúh" into the "Limit for posts for user" field and go... There is all the stuff about me I have already shared here... And some link related with my concerns

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    I'm a .NET dev in the Jackson, MS area.  A few deets on the video: the big building with all the bricks gone was First Baptist, Biloxi.  The pelican case was a traffic light, I think =)

    As far as what the region needs it's: money, gas, food, and people to calm down.  Granted it's hard when you've lost everything, but nearly every problem is being made worse by rumor and irrational behavior- including finger-pointing.

    As far as what techs can do, I think there needs to be some coordination on that.  I see tons of disconnected message boards, etc.  That effort should really be centralized, and connected with shelters, etc.  We all know the best platform for it. =)

    Another idea would be tieing in Virtual Earth or Google Earth with low-altitude post-disaster imagery. This would help both evacuees curious to see their homes avoid taking resources to go personally inspect, and rescue personnel who aren't familiar with (or don't recognize) the area and have no street signs, etc.

    Remember though, gas/electricity/infrastructure are non-existant in about half of this state now (NO, it wasn't like that before =), and plenty of the people most in need are not computer-literate.  You have to be careful not to accidently be a burden- the gas/time/effort setting up a kiosk in a shelter without food could be misplaced.  Which is where a coordinated oversight of tech-related efforts would be handy.  This area will be rebuilding for years, so it's not too late. 

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    boatboy wrote:
    As far as what the region needs it's: money, gas, food, and people to calm down.   

    Hmmm.  I think I'd put those in reverse order (i.e. calm down FIRST).  If I were running FEMA I would be airlifting in packages of Xanax or Valium.  Calms you down nicely.  Would probably make the corpses floating past the wreckage that was once your home a little easier to take.

    As far as tech efforts... you look at this and go "surely there must be a better way."  Instead of having spotters in helicopters calling in the lat/long of someone stuck on a roof somewhere, why don't they drop a floating emergency beacon in the water whenever they spot someone?

    Better yet, make it the law for all new construction so that, if you live in a flood or disaster-prone area, you have to have one of these (like a smoke detector) in the house.

    Something bad happens, you flip the switch, and wait for rescue.  You could pull up a web page and SEE where everyone needs to be rescued.

    The fancy ones could have a water purification kit and a few dozen foil-wrapped Xanax tablets.

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    I can totally agree with the Republicans here...

    Newt Gingrich, the Republican former speaker of the house, said that the administration's response to the hurricane raised questions about the nation's ability to cope with a terrorist attack.

    "I think it puts into question all of the homeland security [planning] . . . because if we can't respond faster than this to an event we saw coming across the Gulf for days, then why do we think we're prepared to respond to a nuclear or biological attack?" Mr Gingrich said.

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    Wow! Leigh, tank you a lot for the advice on umbrellas and rainbows... And the reference to that Chinese tale which talks about long, long, long... ...long a go.

    I am actually writing an essay-novel about the human origins and this planet wich I call [in the novel] an androhostile planet. Now you? that is my first serious writing take, and is a cherised litereray project of my own, onto which I have spent eight years investigating, writing, re-investigating and re-writing again.

    The novel is precisely titled: "Cuali itcha a cosamalot" and deals whith the idea of first human beings on hearth... long, long, long... ...long a go... have arrived unintentionaly and by an accident to heart, an androhostile planet.

    Would you want share with me a new thread titled any way you want, to talk peacefully about umbrellas and rainbows ?
     (I bet every and all of we C9 Niners Could)


    EDIT (03/09/2005 07:19 p.m. GMT-6) I have fixed that term: as androhostile, because androstyle as I have wrongly previously translated, means "the style of the Man (from Greek andros)" and what I wanted to mean is "A planet hostile to the Man kind".

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    scobleizer wrote:

    ... ways we could make it easier for people to learn about localized situations. ...

    On 8/31 I registered and domains (8 domains).
    I offer to donate the domains to the cause, along with initial ASP.NET web hosting (managed by ORCSWeb) and domain email addresses if we can get a group of people together who would like to contribute their time and expertise towards creating a comprehensive "portal" for resources/services that could faciliate connecting hurricane survivors, volunteers, donation options, and more..

    Down the line, some alternate means of supporting the financial requirements of the site (i.e. besides my domain and hosting investment) would be necessary. To be clear, this is intended to be a "good works" project and not a for-profit venture, so all assistance would be valued, including managing the overall effort.

    I started working in the computer industry over 30 years ago, writing SimCity for Windows (Classic) for Maxis in 1991-92, growing through some years as a Microsoft employee, and the past 8 years doing web development in a wide array of contexts. Of all the work I've done, I feel that working with others to create such a set of resources/services would feel among the most rewarding.

    Thoughts/comments? I don't want to flood this thread, so please contact me offline through my web site.
    ~ René

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    Steve411 wrote:
    [...]IT IS ALL about MONEY. Without MONEY you have no POWER, without POWER you have NOTHING.

    This is the first poem I have writen at the age of 16 in 1961... Beg all of you pardon for writing it in Spanish... I will keep my self owing to you its translation to English...

    Hombres de Roca

    Cuando se vive ahogado
    en el incesante tráfago arcano,
    sin tiempo de ayudar al hermano,
    sin un sueño sosegado...

    Cuando solo poder, la meta es
    y ambición y dinero se mezclan,
    ahogando conciencias en tufos que apestan
    y con corazón de piedra se vive al reves...

    Cuando no hay otro ideal,
    que buscar lo profano
    sin sentir herir al hermano,
    en lucha rastrera y desleal...

    Cuando detrás de cada sonrisa,
    se murmura y se mata con la boca,
    cuando los Hombres tenemos corazón de roca,
    ¿Qué queda? ¿Si no es morir de risa?

    Carlos Bardullas Subirats
    Verano de 1961.
    México, D. F.

    If any body likes poetry (in Spanish) and want to read my first attempt to publish (in a very modest booklet), here is the PDF containig it (Microsoft Word XP): "Amor y Buena nueva - Antología Poética" (1.06 MB)... Any opinion from you Niners, is welcome for sure... I need feedback... Urgently.

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