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    "Thanks for appeasing the monkey.
    I'm fully aware that .png's are being used here...however things like Clipster and a few other features wouldn't exist if they ran around making sure that you could have .png avatars instead of .jpg ones. And for you to assume that they don't have more important things to do is a bit presumptious [sic] isn't it?"

    There you go again, behaving abusively toward others, unprovoked. Butting in and causing problems rather than posting solutions like jamie did, while at the same time digressing into something other than the topic of the thread. YOU clearly are the "monkey" here, not I.

    You also have your facts wrong, there exists not a quotation in this thread that I have written, which can be used to back up your claim that I "assume" the C9 web devs have nothing better to do than what I want. On the contrary I agree the videos are important and appreciate the other features of added value to the C9 site, but do not agree with the double standards regarding PNG's.

    And I am satisfied not necessarily appeased; this because the further manual labour required to correct what 'damage' the C9 conversion process does to the PNG, could be avoided if the site accepted custom PNG's natively.

    I therefore still believe if the standard avatar is a PNG, then users efforts should be accepted in that format also.

    Samuel, UK

    P.S. Thank you jamie for the info and corrected JPG