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View Thread: C9 Zero Tolerance - 3 strikes you're out?
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    Rossj wrote:
    I actually think Jamie is right. I don't think it is so much the foul language, but that you have to wade through tons of crap to get to the interesting bits.

    If you haven't seen a change in C9 in the past few weeks/months then you've probably not been here long.  Ask anyone who has been here over 6 months whether the C9 forums are now better or worse than before, I think most answers will be negative.

    C9 is losing valued contributors with interesting and relevant things to say because children are allowed to treat the forums as their personal playground, with no boundaries on the amount of abuse being dished out - see the thread where Orbit threatens to set someone on fire for example.

    As for Jamie winning a debate, it is starting to be a long time since I've seen one on C9, so he hasn't had the chance - they may be there but they get buried beneath a lot of crud, insults and general childishness.

    Okay, I'll get off my soapbox now.

    I agree with you Rossj, there has been a serious lack of intelligent discussion here on C9 as of late, one of the main reasons I havn't posted much.  I still check out the forums almost every day and in the past I'd usually make a few replies to interesting topics, but just doesn't seem like there has been very many as of late.  Although I can't really say I've contributed much in that department lately (been busy with school starting back up) so maybe there's other reasons for the lack of interesting discussion besides obnoxious posters.

    As far as banning goes, I think the current guidelines that Charles uses will work for the most part.  No good forum is free of obnoxious posters though, it comes with the territory.