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View Thread: C9 Zero Tolerance - 3 strikes you're out?
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    Must log in...must post...must debate...

    Some threads are getting swamped with junk lately, but unlike normal drive-by-posting trolls who post a few times and never come back, some here seem to have taken up residence.  Maybe the word "some" is too much; it seems more like it is only one or two people under multiple screen names. Then, when they go, others complain how boring it is, and "where'd the Linux guy go? He was SO knowledgable." 

    Besides if you ban someone, they'll probably sign up under another screen name.  And another.  And another.  Sort of a pathological thing I guess.

    When was the last time Larry Osterman posted, for instance?  It seems like even the Microsoft people are not posting much anymore.  Maybe in the videos section, but not in the Coffeehouse.  Probably PDC related, I dunno.