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View Thread: C9 Zero Tolerance - 3 strikes you're out?
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    I think erring on the side of leniency is best. It doesn't need to be tolerated for as long as Orbit has, but three strikes and you're out is way too strict. This is just a forum for Pete's sake. Orbit86 is guilty of being insulting and obnoxious, not armed robbery. I'd much prefer someone like Charles over a lock/ban-happy admin who thinks he is going to fix Channel9 by cracking down on "inappropriate" behaviour.

    And what exactly are the guidelines that dictate when someone has gone too far? Better be clear about it.

    I find the political / religious posts to be way more offensive than anything Beer28 or Orbit86 have said. It is not the topics that are bad, but the insults and demagoguery used by the people who start those threads. Topics like "Bush is a moron" or the ridiculous anti-religious tirade by a guy who blows his stack because someone made a Biblical reference. Those posts have no purpose except to insult the object of the posters hatred and start a fight.