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View Thread: Microsoft Security Alert, here's where to go
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    Charles wrote:

    You want a 100% secure browser, 100% secure operating system, 100% secure Internet? Well, then don't connect to the Internet.

    This is the comment that sent me down the road I went. And to be very clear, I am in no way trying to be the ungrateful end-user. I was simply trying to point out that comments like the one above can get really twisted (obviously as I am victim). Even scobleizer mentions all the time how ASCII can get twisted.

    More to the point, I really like hearing from the MS folks especially from behind the curtain. This site is exactly what I would want to see and hear. I am a fan of MS tools and products. But when I see comments like the one above it makes me think MS (and yes Charles I am picking on you) folks are just tired of us "stupid users" wanting our cake and eating it too. And I know there are humans behind the curtain scobleizer, I wouldn't have thought otherwise, yet it is the caliber of human that I would expect. I know it takes time as I said I am a developer too. To reiterate my thoughts from earlier, it seems to me you should be considering solutions, and if nothing else saying "we're working on it." Don't tell us to not use the internet.

    And you guys are allowed to be informal, please do. But you have to realize you're sitting in the castle and we don't know what goes on back there behind the walls.

    Lastly, Charles, scobleizer I would like to say that the responsiveness of MS from this site is truly a credit to you channel 9 guys. I consider you the gatekeepers and appreciate your efforts to put together this site. Just be easy on the "stupid end users" because we pay the money to use the products that your company sells to be able to pay your checks.