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    Charles, with all due respect listen to what you are saying. You are providing this forum to us to voice our opinion. To hear the cockpit and also talk back. Now, when you guys open your mouth about another security patch and we respond not so pleasantly - you say more or less to shut up and stop whining.

    Hear me out because I am a software engineer and I know what it is to debug something in production and also get all clients updated. My point is MS is a company that I think would be unrivaled in intelligence (at least that is what I would suspect). Wouldn't you listen to these comments and say "hmm, how do we get things done quicker?" or think to yourself this is an interesting challenge and wonder how to attack it? From your replies I would sense you are tired of hearing the "whining" and wanting someone to give you a break. No breaks in software development. This is a job you signed up for, and now you need to take your medicine.

    You don't want to hear us challenge MS or it's products - don't participate in your own site.

    How does that feel coming from me? Maybe now you can walk in our mocassins a mile.