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    I by no means intended my thoughts to cast such a negative shadow. I am just participating in the discussion and by no means am I trying to discourage the continuation of this thread.

    I do take my medicine: interacting with the ideas presented on this site and honestly and openly adding my thoughts. What I posted is not a representation of what Microsoft thinks, only what I think.

    Security holes suck and the blame for them falls squarely on the software where they're found. I would never think otherwise.

    Fixing security flaws in software used by millions of people necessarily takes some time since the process required to get a fix out the door can be either simple or really complex depending on the specific vulnerability, but needs to solve the problem and not create new ones, security-related or otherwise, regardless. Either way, this does take some amount of time. I'm not saying this is a good or bad thing. I'm only just saying it.

    I want to hear you challenge our products. I want this to be a place that enables and encourages the free excahnge of ideas. And I hope Channel 9 is just this.

    Even though I am one of the so-called Channel 9 guys and a Microsoft employee I believe that If I have ideas to add to a discussion I should be able to introduce them freely. I'm here for the conversation too.

    My aplogies if I've offended anyone or scared anyone away. It's certainly not my intention.

    Keep on posting,