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    Charles wrote:


    Keep in mind that IE, as the most used web browser in the world, will necessarily attract the most bad guys trying to find holes in it to use as means to do bad things to people surfing the web. When Gecko-based browsers increase significantly in usership, you will see an increase in security vulnerabilities in those browsers. Why? Well, if I am a hacker, then I want to hack as many people as possible with a single attack vector... 

    I never claimed that wouldn't happen if Gecko based browsers ruled the world. I implied that you're much safer surfing RIGHT NOW (and for the near future) using a non-IE based browser. Apache IS the most used web server in the world and therefore has the biggest target on it. That will always be a fact. Market share == more targets. But until the IE and Windows teams can rearchitect both the browser and the underlying OS (Windows Server 2003 is a GREAT start). You're better off using a browser with a smaller target on it's chest. Smiley

    btw: You can't scare me away. Charles. Provided you state your argument clearly and politely. If you just pop in and tell me to shut up or go back to slashdot , like psycho bunny or whoever, I'll just mock you.  BTW I've been programming on the MS platform since VB 4-32 bit version (no 16-bit thankyouverymuch) and I've got a "Midnight Madness IE 3" t-shirt in my closet that's too small now. Back when Netscape was stuck in 4.X limbo I was arguing with Netscape devs and telling them to get with the program.  My point being I was supporting MS before supporting MS was cool and "anti-/.". I convinced 3 hospitals to port a completed ColdFusion application to ASP.NET last year. I've got a pretty big stake in the MS web platform and I'd  to be able to tell users, "Use whatever browser you want.".  I can't quite do that yet.