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    Hi Robert. I love this thread, and something happened where I can now get in to comment, even though I now have even trusted zones running in high security and I have to keep giving permission for the Channel 9 scripts to run. 

    I wanted to confirm that, with my raised threat defenses (until the patch is out and confirmed), channel 9 works better under condition orange than it seemed to the other day.  I don't know if the site update caught it or what, but I am pleased that it is safer to contact Microsoft and Channel 9 (though MSDN is a * right now, accessing with shields up) under conditions of heightened IE threat precautions.

    With regard to the new Button problem, disclosed last night, I and my pals in the Security Engineering class just had a "oh, oh" about all of the security software and anonymizing software that puts buttons and menu bars in software that would allow them to see password entries before they hit SSL/TLS. Time to get some more transparency from those guys.  Now I even worry about NewsGator, which basically has access to my Outlook and an independent access to the internet. Geez, who can a girl trust these days? [;<).  And how can we tell that the guy really is safe?