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    Can't resist saying this:

    I for one welcome our moderator overlords!

    it's great that it's softies that get to do this because at least they're accountable and have access to more resources. Tongue Out Less seriously, I might have got jealous if the mere mortals had been knighted by King Charles.  

    About recent defacing:
    I don't post often, but I would like to voice my support for the coffeehouse inspite of the heavy trolling that it hosts sometimes. Sven and others have been very eloquent and articulate with the main thrust of the message: don't feed the trolls and you'll be happy.

    Maybe we can alleviate the need for further moderators (as I'm sure will be necessary as the community grows and trolls claw their way back or into the community) through the following scheme, which I thought of yesterday (UK time) but didn't have the time to post: How about a virtual sand-box for new topics? Topics would be fed into their respective forum based on the first x number of votes from distinct and different users (also accessing from different ip addresses) reading them, x being a small number, 3 seeming like a good number from the number of posts that have a limited audience.

    About the recent politically polarised posts:
    I do enjoy tech talk, but I'm also strongly opiniated and am in many ways an activist and talking politics now and then with intelligent people is great. So I don't see why c9 coffee-house should endeavour to be apolitical or politically neutral or heavens forbid, politically correct.

    I'm not sure how much of a help this would be, but why not implement captcha's for posting new topics? I can see a script dumping further cr*p on the forums.

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