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Thinking of moving blogs

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    I know most people could probably care less about blogs anymore now a days however I'm thinking of moving my blog due to "censorship" reasons.

    I've been thinking of going with MSN Spaces...however I'm kind of torn between that and a LiveJournals, Blogger, account or my own setup. Anyone want to let me in on some services/software and why they recommend that?

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    I've found that the easiest way around all those stupid rules and limitations is simply to host your own domain.  I do, and therefore I go by my own rules.  I don't have to worry about ads and popups unless I want to put them there, and I can freeley speak my mind. Many of the more popular blogs do this, but I also attempt (albiet poorly) to sell cheap crap nobody wants there as well.

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    I have two blogs, each hosted in a different place:

    1) A technical blog hosted in - the main advantage of hosting on a large blogsite is to get traffic through the aggregated feeds - someone browsing all new feeds on the site will find me. Only appropriate for tech-talk. Uses .Text, which is a nice enough blogging platform.

    2) A personal blog on LiveJournal. Main purpose is to keep in touch with friends and occasionally soapbox. It's a good blogging platform that's constantly being updated and improved, with lots of nice utilities, especially social utilities (like Friends of Friends and such).

    3) I thought about hosting my own blog, but decided that it just wasn't worth it - too much hassle to setup and config, and it doesn't really give me anything.

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    I sort of agree with both the above. I prefer to host my own blog because that way I have a lot more control, but the downside (if you regard it as a downside - I'm not all that fussed myself) is a lot less traffic than I would get if I chose some other aggregator site.

    Community Server really is very simple to set up and was far less hassle than any other bit of software I've had to set up. Run the database scripts, change a permission on a virtual directory, copy some files across and you're ready to go.

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    Personally I host my own blog using Wordpress. Its really easy to setup and has a good interface.


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    I like waiting around so I use blogger.

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    Blogger is pretty simple and basic in large part because there haven’t been any major upgrades to it in years. Oh how I wish it supported tags.

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