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Anyone want a free GMAIL account? (read on)

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    Truth be told I have Way too many free g-mail accounts, so many I no longer know what to do with them.

    SO....If anyone is interested just start a new subject in this Channel9 Coffeehouse forum on "ANTI-SMOKING" I will send you a free gmail link as I receive them.

    The new thread must:

    1. Promote the concept of "smoking in public is bad"

    and may include:

    1. Revenge tactics to pull on our stinky public smoking friends.
    2. Be atleast 30 words long
    3. Must be pubicly displayed for 24 hours to be considered.

    Again I will send out the links to you upon reading your anti-smoking thread and my having a free g-mail account waiting.

    As of 6:13 PM EST on 6-25 I have a free account waiting for who ever writes the first new anti smoking thread.

    Free g-mail accounts will be mailed out to your channel nine listed email account (so you have to have a public email listed).

    ***** SO anyway ******

    This is all for fun (and to cheese off the pro smokers). Have fun with your post and this IS a real easy way to receive a FREE  G-Mail Account without the hassle of being on some "waiting list".. A list where you may never receive the account, my way is easy and I WILL give you a account.

    Who will be first to get a g-mail free account?

    SO Who needs a G-Mail Account?

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    Channel9'ers can also use the GmailRequestList on the wiki.

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    That may work but again heres a easy way without the waiting list.

    PS. Thanks for the email requests, please keep any "ANTI-SMOKING" post nice, as we don't hate the people but the action of smoking in public.

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    But why the stupid assignment?

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    Just for fun, If anyone really needs one PM me.

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    miamijjs wrote:
    Just for fun, ...
    It's retarded and off-topic.

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    its not off topic, this is the Coffee House!

    As I don't want a G-Mail account, its nice to see someone passionate about their belief.

    ** This does not show my opion about the other... over dramatized thread, but merely a non-smoker saying thanks to another non-smoker.. **

    "Not a smoker"

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    Jeremy W

    Hmph. Had an open task for free GMail invites for a while:

    Either donate to the MS Baseball Challenge, or link to The Bloggist (a blogging magazine which is just getting started) from your blog.

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    Please NO smoke! Smokers do you realize you shorten your own life with every puff? Do you realize small children get sick much easier than do adults when exposed to second hand smoke. Let's try and clean up the air, in resturants for example, please do not smoke, you will enjoy your meal and others will be able to enjoy. It is a healthy habit to start. Please do not smoke! I am a real, live non-smoker who also would love a gmail invite! A smile for you! If a kind friend would like to invite me to a free gmail, please email me at And have a nice day! And smokers I hope you will try and stop smoking!

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    smoking makes you have heart attacks and causes cancer, passive smoking is worse because the person inhaling the smoke is not used to it and it affects them more.

    please dont smoke as it is not fair on the people around you and you are putting your life on the line for one moment of feeling chilled out.

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    miamijjs wrote:
    SO....If anyone is interested just start a new subject in this Channel9 Coffeehouse forum on "ANTI-SMOKING" I will send you a free gmail link as I receive them.

    Hahaha!  I still disagree with your POV, but I gotta hand it to you, this is pretty cool.  And double-plus kudos for wanting to keep it friendly.  Smiley

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    Hey thanks,

    If you want one I will be happy to add you to my list.

    Today I send out gmail accounts to channel 9'ers prog_dotnet and plznosmoke.

    Lets all team together and ensure all channel 9'ers who want g-mail will get it.


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    Wow this is an EASY request for me to fill.

    My grandfather died of smoking. I was young then, probably around 10 years old. He had smoked 3 packs a day for many years. Eventually it caught up with him and the doctor told him to get another doctor because he didnt want to help somebody that was killing himself. That really sent a message to my grand father so he quit the same day.

    Well, the damage was done so he eventually ended up breathing with the help of one of those oxygen tanks. On one of his last days he looked at me and said "Charles, dont you ever smoke".

    If there could ever be a more chilling way to find out the effects of smoking I have never seen it.


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    • my thoughts on smoking....

      Death in a packet
    • waste of national health services money
    • causes cancer
    • affects other people not just yourself
    • "fag ends" cause more litter
    • waste of a persons life and whover invented cigerettes should be killed as far as im concerned!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Please send the G- Mail invite to thankyou! Big Smile

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    Smoking is like self poisoning ....

    Death in a packet

    Smoking is not only self destruction but also destruction of others who are forced to passive smothing ....

    Have been a  promoter of Anti Smoking for quite a long time...

    Send me a GMAIL Invite ...
    First name: ATUL
    Last Name : ILWADI

    Thankxxx from a friend ...

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    Are you still offering the gmail accounts? Thanks! Kevin

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    Are you still giving out gmail accounts? If so I'll take one. I want to see if it is as great as they say it is.

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