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View Thread: How to Insult Microsoft?
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    Some of my insults, or better, insults i hear moving to microsoft from people around me.

    n + 1) Microsoft's commercials are ugly, look Apple's one...

    n + 2) Embrace and extend: it's a good idea but you've to "Invent" something sometimes... [TabletPc and MediaCenter are great, but people simply don't know of their existence, they only know about Google things, iPod and PlayStation stuff]

    n + 3) Microsoft is identified yet with Bill Gates, i don't know how it works in the States, but here in Europe it isn't a good think identifying a company with the richest man in the World (socialism and comunism are part of our culture). [Personally i have a great ammiration of Bill Gates, but people (i repeat, here in Europe), simply don't like him because of his "Power" (ie Money)]

    n + 4) Microsoft want control what i run on my PC (is the only thing i hear about Longhorn/Vista from my friends). People have a distorted vision of what is DRM, i think you've to care about that.

    n + 5) Microsoft has ugly graphic design. The UI of your products are awesome, but i think people cares even of the image perception of a product (commercials, brochure, logos...). Hire some great industrial designer and try to have a "style" (like... Apple).

    n + 6) Microsoft stock is unattractive. This becomes to be a great trouble ( MiniMicrosoft blog...) and great economist journal are beginning to see it.

    n + 7) Microsoft talks about their upcomming products to early. When there are in production, they loose their innovation "skills". Have i to do some examples? Really?

    n +Eye Rolling Internet Explorer Sucks! This is what people says. Firefox model to insult Microsoft and it's platform is starting to became a model to destroy even Windows and the "platform", imho. Take care of it... I don't think that IE7 alone will balancing this "model". We're living in a caotic world with "butterfly effects" everywhere...

    n + 9) There is no one who says "Microsoft Rocks" anywhere... only people that says "Microsoft Sucks"...

    Well the list can be more long than this, but i have some troubles (first the language Big Smile) to continue. Personally i really like Microsoft for a thousand reasons, so if i say what i've sayd it's only because i'll like to see Microsoft grow and don't die.
    And, because this is the only place on Earth where someone can be a Microsoft fan without being threated like a "(I need to watch my language)", i want to say:

    I Love Microsoft

    Big Smile