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    MisterDonut wrote:
    I'm of the belief this is as much of a hardware problem as a software one. People can curl up and study a good book. Kind hard to do that with a tablet in it's present form (yes, I own one and love it). Software is great, Microsoft. But hardware can be a limiting factor, as I'm sure you all are aware. 

    Uh, you can't curl up and study a book on a Tablet PC?  Somebody should have stopped me because I've been doing that for years, with books, newspapers and magazines.

    LOL... I just went to that last link, (I haven't been in a while, my subscriptions download automatically) and it says that Playboy magazine is going to available in electronic format next week.

    Uh, ok, so maybe "curling up" was a bad choice of words....

    Gartner: "Hmmm, suddenly I'm seeing a upward spike in Tablet sales... what's up with that?"

    MisterDonut wrote:

    Also, convincing people to use new technology is very difficult as well.

    I don't think of it as "convincing" people to use tablets, per se.  Partly it's an awareness thing: Tablet PCs have been out for a while now and I still have people asking me, "What IS that thing?"  So you have to know the product exists.  Partly it's an educational thing: you have to know what it does.  I've had people ask me if my Tablet was a Mac, or if it was a PDA.  "No, it runs Windows XP," I say, and I do the origami trick on the TC1000 that flips the keyboard out and the screen automatically switches to landscape mode.

    That always elicits a Keanuesque "whoa."

    You make cool stuff and people go "whoa.  I gots to get me one of THOSE."  You don't have to "convince" them.

    The hardware needs work, yeah.   The resolution needs to go up and the weight needs to go down.  Bill's a bit more visionary -- that's his job, I think? -- so of course he is thinking about when the Tablet will have a 200, 300 dpi display, maybe an OLED or even e-paper, and the price will come way down.  Will it happen?  Well, one thing's for sure -- it will NEVER get built if nobody first imagines it getting built....

    I think it was William Gibson who said, "The future is already here, it's not just evenly distributed."  Bill Gates was ahead of everyone else in 1975, and he's probably still ahead of everyone else today.