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    >not bad camera technique, the lighting , cameras..especially consumer ones arent good in darkness, thats why you get noise.. but I think you know that alreadyy

    Yes, I do. But I'm not gonna use lights, sorry. Crappy video is one of the hallmarks of what I do. I don't use lights, microphones, makeup, or anything other than a camcorder and a tripod (which I usually handhold).

    Why does this matter?

    1) I get access. No one else does. Most people don't like lights, makeup, microphones and even if they put it up with it they start acting rather than just have a conversation.
    2) I have enough to worry about. I run the camera as well as do the interviews. Ever tried to do this? It's not as easy as it looks. Even for Bill Gates I was the only one touching the camera. Now you want me to setup lights? Sorry, it's already too much for one guy.
    3) My videos are about the conversation and not about the quality.
    4) I wanna show that anyone can videoblog using a low-cost camcorder and Windows Movie Maker. Even a big company.