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Cult of Mac on Channel 9

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  • lenn

    Leander, Wired's Apple observer extroidinaire has written up a few thoughts on Channel 9.  What do you think?  He is on the mark?

    Blogs Ahoy at Microsoft

  • submariner

    Is he on the mark? "PS: There's a ton of errors in Safari 1.2 when the page first loads, presumably from the Windows Media video." At least there he is Wink but it seems to be a fair representation of what I've seen here. It's a shame Apple doesn't do something similar, but I account that to the eccentricity of Steve Jobs and his Reality Distortion Field™. the way, any chance of getting anybody from the MacBU at Microsoft over here? and, for the record, I used to work for the unnamed company that provides the service for which this site's name is derived... another reason why I like the site... (though it would look better in Blue & White and possibly a tinge of orange to represent the low-cost spinoff of the site Wink )

  • lenn

    None of us have a Mac here right now.  When I get home (in a few hours as I am in Seattle and live in So Cal) I will load it up on my Macs and have a look.  OR ... you could send me a screen shot of the errors you are getting and I will forward them on to Bryn and Charles. 

    Up to you.  Sorry for the issues. 

    On the MacBU topic ... sure thing.  I know just the right guy to put on the show from MacBU and he is a member of Channel 9.  Omar Shahine!

  • submariner

    I did send you an email... hope it helps, if you need any more information on my system settings, feel free to let me know... I didin't mean to sound whiny about the issue, if I did. and on Mr. Shahine... that's outstanding! Keep up the good work!

  • Cortig

    I sent a report about that yesterday (not realizing it was a known bug). The problem is not really with Channel 9 IMVHO. WMP9 for Mac has a LOT of bugs (check the Mac WMP newsgroup :-> ) and this is one of them. You'll have the same problem in all web browser that support the WMP plug-in like IE, the Mozilla-based browsers or OmniWeb 5.0b5.
    As a workaround, you can:

  • edit the sources of the pages
  • get the links for the .asx files
  • download them manually and try to open them from there and if it doesn't:
  • edit them to find the mms:// link inside
  • copy the link and use "open URL" with this link from within WMP9
    Honestly, who is going to go through all this trouble??? :-\
    WMP9 badly needs an update. I tried to send reports about that to MS but it didn't seem to make much of a difference :-\
  • Cortig

    Weird... the html tags were formatting the text just fine in the preview and now they appear as plain text Expressionless I guess I'll send another report... Corentin

  • lenn

    We are looking into the video errors this morning. I checked the site out on my Mac with both Firefox 0.8 and Safari 1.2 and have the same experience. Two errors per video pop up. The interesting thing is that homepage is the only one that does it for me. If you go to: There are no errors and it plays fine. I have the devs looking into it and we will post when it is fixed.

  • Cortig

    Thanks a lot for looking into this Lenn. Corentin

  • billy

    I just thought I'd say thanks for looking into these Mac issues. By the way, with the HTML and posting, the same thing occurs whether I use Safari or IE on my Mac. I can't believe I actually fired up IE on here but... anyway, I didn't expect that you guys would put much effort into the other browser issues, but the fact that you says alot. I was under the impression MS'ers wouldn't use anything other than IE, glad to be wrong on that one.

  • billy

    Guess I should have picked that up from the address.... Rock on Lenn!

  • lenn

    Hey ... its a party ... why tell people that can't come to the party just because they use a Mac. We make a good living from Mac software. I am a Mac user too .. want to have a great experience for all.

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