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    I sent a report about that yesterday (not realizing it was a known bug). The problem is not really with Channel 9 IMVHO. WMP9 for Mac has a LOT of bugs (check the Mac WMP newsgroup :-> ) and this is one of them. You'll have the same problem in all web browser that support the WMP plug-in like IE, the Mozilla-based browsers or OmniWeb 5.0b5.
    As a workaround, you can:

  • edit the sources of the pages
  • get the links for the .asx files
  • download them manually and try to open them from there and if it doesn't:
  • edit them to find the mms:// link inside
  • copy the link and use "open URL" with this link from within WMP9
    Honestly, who is going to go through all this trouble??? :-\
    WMP9 badly needs an update. I tried to send reports about that to MS but it didn't seem to make much of a difference :-\