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    W3bbo wrote:

    What do you do when you hit a stumbling block when you're developing?

    Just for comparison, I usually switch off (my brain, that is) and go play CounterStrike or check for any new posts on the forums I regular before continuing.

    I know its possible to persevere at them, but the big "Steam" icon is too much for me to resist, especilly when I don't have any real deadlines to hit.

    So, what do you do?

    If I had an answer I would have conquered the world by now.

    I have the same problem.  Its just like handling any other priority management in your life.  Visualize the consequences, or have someone babysit you.

    Personally I invite the boss to my office to help me develop.  I usually work faster when she is here because she knows all the details of what I'm trying to get accomplished, she realizes what I'm doing is not exactly easy, and its yet another reason for me to keep my office clean and presentable.

    When your working on a project without a "boss" you could consider joining a team effort with people that are productive who will hold you accountable to your commitments.

    Good luck.