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New Audio stack.

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    Cairo wrote:
    A tantilizing way to phrase your answer.

    Cairo, I wish it was.  I have no idea if user mode audio drivers will be able to be written in the future, I do know that the audio drivers still run in kernel mode for vista.

    This is NOT intended as a hint of the future, I flat-out don't know.

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    I still think it's going to be like Creative's global sound effects... Like - "Cave" and "Bathroom" and various other effects. Seen it, played with it, it isn't that useful after you finish the fun and games.

    Also, if Microsoft did move (after Vista) towards more user-mode drivers would that make the NT kernel a micro or monolithic kernel? Or some new crazy crossbreed that tries to bring the best features of both worlds (speed and security/modularity)? Smiley 

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    Sven Groot

    Consider yourself lucky, my Audigy2 is hissing, popping, dropping out, not playing at all and a variety of other weird problems under Vista x64, even though I have only one CPU. Plus I can only get surround sound through waveout, not DS. I hope the PDC build will improve the situation.

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    Tom Servo

    LarryOsterman wrote:
    It shouldn't be broken in any mode, as far as we've heard, if you're hearing bugs, I'd love to hear about them.

    Well, I've reported it already, but here we go again:

    It's pretty simple. My dual P3-933 can play audio on my Audigy (with the least broken drivers, not even sure whose fault it is, Creative or MS, tend to go with former due history) perfectly when booting up in single CPU mode, but as soon I go back into multiprocessor mode, I get heavy glitching, skipping and last but not least pauses, as if it didn't get the data to the card on time.

    And when the Creative drivers break again, it sounds like there'd be a problem with memory offset or endianness. Which is strange, because things work peachy when playing back via KS instead of DSound. KS works fine in single and multi mode, no matter what driver version or how broken DirectSound is in it. Considering that due the rewrite, everything KS seems to go more or less the same path as DSound, something must be really broken in beta 1.

    --edit: vvvv Get Foobar 2000 0.8, set the KS plugin as output and choose 32bit depth. Should play just fine. I get the same issues on DSound, except in single CPU mode with certain drivers, but I dont want to leave one of my CPUs run idle.

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    I am interested in hearing what Vista will offer professional musicians who use Windows to accomplish much of their work (e.g., using Cakewalk SONAR or similar applications).

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    Is this still being released today? Or did Scoble get too wasted to edit videos Tongue Out

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