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Uh oh, IE it's time to wake up and smell the...

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    Now the feds are saying DON'T use IE. That should be a wake up call to the IE team. Hello are you guys going to come up with a more secure, better browser before the next decade???

    ~ Knute

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    It can only be a good thing if many more people and companies did look at alternatives - it would encourage Microsoft to develop IE further and have a plugin architecture like Firefox. One where you could extend the browser by simply using XML, JavaScript and CSS in a sandbox mode - no extra access rights to OS needed.

    There is no reason why it isn't possible to do this kind of thing - you can extend it using web services, RSS, Atom and any other technology that works over standards HTTP. Just look at the extensions available for Firefox and see how lightweight that browser is.

    Good examples of extensions for Firefox are the Web Developer toolbar (indispensible for Web Developers - there are no equivalents for IE that I am aware of) and the Mozilla Amazon Browser (which you cannot do with IE at all).

    I cannot see why IE cannot do things like this (without the use of ActiveX) - if it could there would be massive potential - web developers could make the user experience far better.

    What would be good (but very unlikely to happen unfortunately) is Microsoft to work with Mozilla / Opera to develop a cross-platform standard. That way someone could design a site that is guarenteed to function the same no matter what OS / browser they are using.

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    They got the quote from the article here . It is taken slightly out of context in that it is only one of several suggestions, although from personal experience I would hesitate to take the one on locking down the local machine zone per Microsoft on a wide scale as in my case it disabled Windows Explorer folder views for Win2K machines.


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    I already use an alternative browser, as much as I hate the rhetoric behind it, but Microsoft should definitely update its browser. I believe they are going to take care of security in SP2, so no problem there, but better PNG support etc... are still missing. I want tab browsing man.

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    lets "pretend" for a minute that SP2 does fix - "most" spyware ( which it doesnt)

    In 2 weeks after SP2 comes out - there will be another 50 bugs and worms and trojans and DSO etc etc

    so what then?

    this is why im saying you need a dedicated team to combat this stuff

    its like the birthday candles you cant blow out



    * yes I AM shouting this time

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