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    reinux wrote:

    So the point:

    The culmination of the two technologies, Avalon and ClickOnce -- Sparkle, has no intent on getting much "reach" outside of the business environment and client deployment, and therefore has no intent of "killing" Flash. Its main intent in web deployment is to ease the job of deployment for software consultants and administrators as well as their clients and customers. ClickOnce is obviously not suitable for everyday web use the way a document-plugin model like Flash is, and like the article shows, Microsoft is totally aware of that and doesn't give a damn.

    If on the other hand the whole world (including all the cell phones and mobile devices that are Flash capable) became .NET, ClickOnce and Avalon (not to mention Pixel Shaders) capable, then yes, Sparkle may very well "kill" Flash. But like I said before, that would be an ideal situation for everyone, only unfortunate for Flash -- because the only way Avalon web applications would ever get all that reach is if the technology itself were in every way superior to Flash. Otherwise, why would you use it?

    That explains in much greater detail and specificity some of the basic ideas I exposed earlier in term of core lines of business, specific application instead of whole technology, etc.... Now your short but detailed overview of the technologies and their key aspects give me a much better understanding of what it is all about. All I need now is go pickup more information about OneClick to be able to define if Avalon and Sparkle are a good solution for me. You just saved me few days of going through doc and beta! The magic of blog, today was my experience with Blogs and I really start to like it.