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    If you want to see my comment about the 'typical' VB programmer as an insult then frankly that's your problem, not mine (albeit a problem you've exhibited on many postings here in the past that I've usually just avoided getting involved in)

    There's a reason I didn't use the word 'all' and why I used the word 'typical' and put it in quotes instead, just as there was a reason why I pointed out I am a former VB programmer myself. 

    Incidentally one of the reasons Ford moved from VB6 to C# when .Net came out was as a way of weeding out the 'typical' VB6 programmers who just didn't seem to 'get' OO. The move to C# was a way of retaining only the good ones who realised that the change in syntax moving from VB to C# wasn't the key difference - it was 'getting' OO that was important. Sadly in my experience too many VB programmers DON'T get it (and I'm sure there are some C# programmers who don't get it either, but I think they're a much lower percentage).

    Of course there are some excellent VB guys out there (Ted Pattison is a name that immediately springs to mind, Billy Hollis is anothr) but I can't help remembering Don Box's quote at TechEd a few years ago when he asked how many people in the audience were VB programmers and then jokingly dissed them saying "Everybody knows that VB programmers are just failed marketeers and journalists".

    I hadn't intended to turn this into a religious war, and indeed one or two of the best programmers I've worked with are people who trained themselves on VBA and then progressed to VB. On the other hand I've had to deal with a hell of a lot of really bad code at clients where "the guy in accounts wrote it after teaching himself VB".  Maybe I've been lucky but I haven't seen many bad C# or C++ programmers.

    The argument about the complexity of the language is a similar one to the argument about web standards. Proper use of CSS makes it difficult to impossible for the "average" man on the street to write his own web site, where HTML is pretty straightforward. In the same way I think that the new constructs, or more importantly some of the newer code examples being thrown around in the newer versions of the languages are too complex for the guy who's learnt a bit of VBA and written a few simple Windows forms applications to get to grips with.

    Your mileage may vary.