JChung2006 wrote:
Beer28 wrote:C and C++ are WAY more popular for Desktop applications. Probably by a margin of 10,000 to 1.

You're kidding right?  There are significantly more VB/.NET custom business applications than there are C/C++ desktop applications.

The average automobile rolling off the assembly line has 30-40 networked ECUs. 16 million cars were sold in the US alone in 2004. Each of those ECUs runs software programmed in either assembly or C.

That's 480-640 million computers that were sold through car dealerships. How many PCs are sold in the US every year? How many Severs?

All you C#/VB/C++/Java fanboys can continue to argue about whos bloatware is more bloated, while us real programmers write the tight, efficient assembly and C code which allows civilization to function.