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View Thread: A Petition to 'Save' C# !!!
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    Beer28 wrote:

    Java is used for service applications like daemons, and xxx_d applications that don't need to have immediate results displayed to a user.

    Java's memory and performance footprint on the server though is a significant factor.  Or maybe it's not so significant, eh?  Else everyone would be writing their Web pages as ISAPI DLL's and C++ custom Apache modules?  Which they don't.
    Beer28 wrote:

    When you are distributing client applications like photoshop where you don't control the hardware, that's where it matters, and there are very few java client desktop applications. For that reason BTW.

    There are plenty of VB client applications running on business desktops all across the world, or maybe you've just chosen to selectively ignore the popularity of VB so that your "C++ is more popular" view isn't shattered by pesky things like fact and reality.