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    Fduch wrote:
    Vienna - Office Live Communication Server 2005
    It's wrong It's the next gen of Windows.

    You are correct, yet somehow incorrect because you said it was wrong. It is not wrong - it confused everyone, methinks, when Microsoft decided to reuse the "Vienna" codename.

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    What a wonderful name:
    Lightning: .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR)

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    I'm not sure if Steve (Bink) still has this one listed, but I have another one that got left out...

    I worked with Rob Michnick, Russ Siegelman and others on the first iteration of MSN...whoops, that should read msn Tongue Out

    We had two complete server farms for MSN 1.0 - Marvel (which was the actua production & customer / user-facing system) and Manga (which was the isolated Test system to thoroughly test whatever content and architecture changes we needed to make before the content went "live"). We also affectionately called the MSN Networking Hub "MosWEST" (Microsoft Online Services WEST), in honor of the MaeWEST NAP (Network Access Point) in Santa Clara, CA.

    Just some more tidbits...


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    Added :
    Kahuna - Windows Live Mail
    Tahiti- SharedView Beta2

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