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  • manickernel

    available here

    I put in "Oracle Redhat" and got "no results"


  • ryexley

    Maybe give it another shot? I put in the same search on the same site and got more results than I care to look at.

  • manickernel

    Yep, 'tis working now and looks good. (I did try several other variants, when I put in each word by itself it only returned one hit on each before) Hope this does work out well in any case, 'cause you can never have too many search engines Tongue Out

    Nice minimalistic interface too.

  • lars

    Search the web: "xfree86"

    "You have entered a search term that is likely to return adult content.
    Warning: If you are under 18 or live in an area where it is illegal for you to view explicit content, please revise your search."


  • jsrfc58

    I typed in "Apple Computers" and got:

    "MSN Search is temporarily unable to process your request.

    Please try again in a few minutes.

    EID: f:1658889542 - 1041:1041:10004:1059

    HC: 71d61b14"

    I'm sure that will be up and running pronto, though.

  • lars

    Looks like someone is reading this. Now I get search results for XFree86. Hehe.


  • object88

    lars wrote:
    Looks like someone is reading this. Now I get search results for XFree86. Hehe.

    I've read a lot of comments that go to the effect of "Searching for foo doesn't turn up anything!" followed rapidly by "Worked for me.".  I think the new search engine must be slowly coming up to speed.

    That said, it seems a little silly that the majority of the top search results seem strongly correlated with the URL.  But perhaps in time that will prove effective.

    My take for the moment: not good, not bad.  Re-evalulate when it's been properly "released" to the public.

  • kidzi

    The xFree86 keyword was a bit different though. It would return and actually say that there may be adult sites returned, or something to that effect.  It wasn't that there were no results - it was blocking the results.  I searched for xfree86 after reading the slashdot thread and was surprised to see the message that was there. 

    I'm glad they removed that block, gives a bad impression.

  • kidzi

    Interesting that searching for C# would have the # filtered out.. so it's a search for C.  That doesn't sound like a good strategy Wink  How am I supposed to replace my use of Google to find things in MSDN if MS's search can't even find anythin with C# in the name? They seem to have a pretty steep uphill battle in the search biz.

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