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There should be a easier way

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    There should be a easier way to find out who works for Microsoft and who is a outsider on this forum, instead of going through a profile.

    This want to read a thread and then see which are Microsoft opinions and replies and which ones are non Microsoft. What do you think...?

    Tejas Patel

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    Personally I don't care so much to know...

    I expect they are talking for themselves not MS and that's fine... I don't want to be fed the 'company line'...

    I just hope they a reading and listening and replying to us sincerly...



    OBTW... There should be an easier way to figure out what the subject line refers to before actually reading the post... ;(

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    If you look over at the avatar and you see the little windows flag button, i believe that means they are Microsoft. When i mouse over the little button it says "Microsoft Employee".

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    darklotus is right.  Look, I have a flag Smiley

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    I'm pretty sure I'm not an MS employee...

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    I have a flag. I still can't believe I'm paid to do this. If Bill would have asked me I would have done it for free.

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