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new adware threat

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    IE and MSN explorer automatically load up a mediatickets website or a cash site or a homosexual porn site!! I cant get rid of em. even if IE isnt open it automatically opensand goesto one ofthe URLs. I can searchthe web cos my webpage always changes!

    Please help me Sad

    adaware,spybot DC, CWShredder do nothing

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    and also i cant change things in my registory editor cos it automatically closes after a few seconds.
    ggrr.. damn this mediatickets crap

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    Have you tried out Stinger?
    Sounds more like a virus....
    Try copying and renaming regedit.exe to tryout.exe and then start that one.

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    where can regedit actually be found? cos i always just type regedit in Run

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    BG Phil T

    If you haven't already, go to the Adaware support forum.  Chances are this is something new that you can find discussion on.

    There, they might ask you to run HijackThis and post the log for their technician to review.  The technician can then tell you which lines to fix (it looks at registry stuff as well as files)


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    it is actually in the root of the Windows install directory, mostly c:\windows\regedit.exe.

    If you are still not sure, go to Run, and type CMD.

    In the console window type:
    CD /D %WINDIR%

    From now on you can also go to Run and type tryout in stead of regedit.

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    Search Google for 'mediatickets' or follow the steps found here:

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    Hi Fritz

    This could be a number of things. I remember getting something like this myself. It turned out that a trusted plugin I installed had been messed with by some nefarious person.

    You might like to try uninstalling the last IE plugin you installed to see if that has any effect. No matter how unlikely it is that a particular plugin might be contributing to the problem, it is worth trying to uninstall it and see if IE begins working properly.


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    Number 1 way to fix the problem, stop using Internet Explorer

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