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    1. Looks like google.. but not as good. Google's charm is the large brand - your MSN butterfly is a GREAT brand - perhaps dont make it so small\
    ( here is a version i did at over a year ago: )

    2. When ever you search for anything - the results come into to regualr msn style pages ( with all the menu bars and colours etc.  So i question why you even have a different google-esque frontdoor - when all the results go back to regualr msn pages.  This is also very disjointed - as all the categories in the drop down resolve to different msn secctions - its basically a dogs breakfast.

    If you want a nice clean search - like google - then its gotta be that EVERYWHERE.  you cant slap a one page trojan google page up and expect it to be taken seriously. 

    3. there's no Search Images
    4. there's no Safe Search filter under preferences

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    ^^ All above are valid points and that page you made is indeed nice.

    Looks like the errors have been fixed as well. I would get a search error when I tried the page yesterday. About 50% of my searches came up with an error.

    A step in the right direction for MS.

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    ".. and that page you made is indeed nice."

    works too Wink

    * actually - it does exactly what this new fake frontdoor does..  type a word - submit - back to blue toolbar msn ( lacks sections - agreed)

    ** i like my big fat "Search" button better too ;p

    ( circa a year or more ago)

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    ..i dont know if its a good idea to play with design the way you are - its a loaded gun..  first we get the "fisher price" XP default - personally - i see its brilliance - the soft blue soothing rubber rounded feel - to apples more ill thought out hard metal and plastic motifs.. many others may disagree with this interpritation..but the search interface is the same conundrum:

    you either go all google - simple everywhere -  = change all of msn!! ??

    or you STAND BY your current look and feel

    i think you need to add the toolbars into main search (msn)- NOT try to separate it - go BIG BIG BIG on the butterfly pic & brand ( even the most hardened programmers begrudgingly like the butterfly logo) and just be who you are.  ( * i hate Flash - but you could even make it fly in and land on search bar - hey - it would be fun if done correct..(overlay..bla bla)

    Enough with copying refining so much that may have been popularized elswhere: - dont be accused of copying google - (with this layout you will be) Add the msn bar - top - ( as you link to it anyway - and make a huge butterfly - that will cheer every secretarty and business person up everyday_ - you will win...

     youve got Channel 9 now!  listen to us!  Wink

    *** remember: you are being fought by a verb AND most importantly - a BRAND

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    My feedback:

    Look is not that important, the results and the speed are the most two important things.

    The search should take less than 3 seconds, ideally around 2 seconds. (This is the hard part, you should really do some serious system work)

    Add as much features as google has, like fedex,ups tracking, maps etc...

    The quality of the results are also important, though I don't think there would be much difference there. But I am not exactly sure. I think the hardest part is coming up with that cluster, big computer that generates results in less than 3 seconds.

    Competition is good.

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    look is not that important != look is not important

    It means that the emphasize shouldn't be on the look but the quality of results and the speed. Design the best looking search interface but if your performance suck or your quality sucks nobody will come, but if your search engine is the best in quality and performance, well even if you make the ugliest interface people would definitely use your site. On another note, it is not easy to make a bad user interface given that Microsoft design guys are pretty good at it, whereas it is quite hard to achieve good performance as well as good quality results, because that's a massive engineering task. That's why Google recruits hundrends of PhDs.

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    re "look is not important"

    From article:
    "Tests conducted by Microsoft and others show that the mere presence of the Google logo can boost a user's rating of the search engine's relevance by as much as 10 percent when compared with situations in which the logo isn't visible -- even if the actual results are the same, said Microsoft executive Yusuf Mehdi, an MSN corporate vice president."

    Full article

    *ps - i saw this article a day AFTER posting above Smiley

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    sorry for misquoting before

    "..Google recruits hundrends of PhDs"
    " Microsoft design guys are pretty good at it"

    yes - professionals are important - but lest we forget:

    - "from the mouths of babes"


    - "the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls"

    googles best asset is its greatest weakness - its youthfulness/inexperience / exuberance...
    like a dilbert character before their soul is broken Wink just know its coming

    apart from the above feeling of impending doom for google - i think there are many that hope to see google's optimism triumph

    = partner with them like i said before Smiley

    Note to self:  fix spyware - do not crush bunny rabbit google - will make us look bad

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    im replying to myself - sorry in advance loadsgood

    lets assume for a moment that ms DID partner with google for longhorn 

    that would say alot to the populace - and the government - you didnt crush them - you worked with them

    - that said - ya your microsoft -so you were able to wrangle a great deal - plus - you got your own version of google ( hopefully) or were able to add to the "Windows" version of google.. etc etc

    im just saying - if i were in your position - id be wary of "obliterating" google - the "pathetic" search engine that could  (quotes J Allchin)

    * i go to Home Depot - i can get a Second Cup or Harveys

    I go to Shoppers Drugmart - they have Tim Horton

    Harveys and swisschalet in one restaurant
    wendys and tim hortons in one restaurant
    mcdonalds in walmart

    its not unheard of to co-operate

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