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    im replying to myself - sorry in advance loadsgood

    lets assume for a moment that ms DID partner with google for longhorn 

    that would say alot to the populace - and the government - you didnt crush them - you worked with them

    - that said - ya your microsoft -so you were able to wrangle a great deal - plus - you got your own version of google ( hopefully) or were able to add to the "Windows" version of google.. etc etc

    im just saying - if i were in your position - id be wary of "obliterating" google - the "pathetic" search engine that could  (quotes J Allchin)

    * i go to Home Depot - i can get a Second Cup or Harveys

    I go to Shoppers Drugmart - they have Tim Horton

    Harveys and swisschalet in one restaurant
    wendys and tim hortons in one restaurant
    mcdonalds in walmart

    its not unheard of to co-operate